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Micro Industries, Inc .
200 West 2nd. Street
Rock Falls, IL 61071
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Kayla Manon
Customer Service

Zinc Die Caster


Micro Industries, Inc. has been specializing in the production of miniature, intermediate and large size precision zinc die castings for over 50 years.  Our current facilities allow us to be competitive on castings weighing one-quarter ounce to those over twelve pounds.

Micro Industries, Inc. casting department is comprised of thirty-two (32) machines, ranging in size from 24 tons to our larger machines with a 650 ton capacity. Our equipment designed for miniature castings permits production of complex parts with as many as five die motions. Intermediate size castings are produced on our 50 to 75 ton machines capable of fully automated operations. Larger castings are produced on our 100 to 650 ton machines, many of which are also fully automated die casting machines. The remainder of our plant is comprised of extensive secondary machining and surface finishing, with a tool building as well as a tool maintenance facility.

Micro Industries, Inc maintains a quality assurance system, and uses statistically controlled processes and has a full range of inspection
equipment. Micro Industries, Inc. has received numerous quality and delivery "Certificates of Achievements". In addition Micro Industries, Inc. has an outstanding record of high volume output and long-term loyalty.

Micro Industries, Inc. was established in 1959 and is located in Rock Falls, Illinois in a 164,000 square foot facility with the ability to expand, accommodating our customers growth.  If you are looking for a zinc diecaster, Micro Industries has the facilities and abilities to handle your project.